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About Shine Crew

We value purity and your time that’s why we are here in an affordable range. You are just a booking away from making your home shine; that’s our crew’s promise.

We believe in cleanliness and who does not? So, if you are tired enough or occupied in some other task to make an effort on your own to do the chores, reserve us.

A clean house makes a home and maintains your peace of mind. Our crew provides you with high-quality cleaning with the use of technology so that you look for us whenever you have unique cleaning demands.

We assure you of high-quality and great variety, and our crew makes sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your home.

Your home needs cleaning regularly; our goal is to make you remember us to make your home shine whenever you are occupied enough. This is the only job our crew has!

Our Competence on different grounds

End Of Lease Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We Work for Your Rest and Ease

Nothing seems more attractive to us than your satisfaction and trust. Our flat- fees cover no expenses, our crew in no way fails to deliver.

What’s special about us

We are directly linked to you, if you are contented with our work, only then it makes our job complete. We believe in gaining your trust so that you count us on every time, you feel it difficult to manage on your own. These goals have pushed us to make the best crew of cleaners that you would have to say wow.

Vetted and Trusted Crew

We make a crew of reliable and hardworking cleaners who are trained and adopted modern techniques after going through a thorough vetting process because we choose what’s best for you.

Recognized and Respected

The Crew we have modeled contains the best of the cleaners from whom you can expect nothing but professionalism. Every client our crew has ever worked with, respects and appreciates them.

Safety is where Home is

We promise your safety; cleanliness can be a second priority, but never your safety. Your safety and shine, together make the name of our company; we can’t compromise!

Customer Reviews

Cleaners were professional. The prices were affordable. Team responses were positive. They are time conscious. Highly recommended.

I have booked another appointment for carpet cleaning. Recently I took their oven cleaning service. Satisfied!

___Rianna Gillberk___

Happy with their service. Will come again for deep cleaning service.


___Elena Janson___

 My family easily gets affected by germs and bacteria. After I get the services from Shine Crew, I feel the difference. At first, I took a carpet cleaning service that was surprising. My 5 years old carpet looks brand new. After a few days, I get an appointment for deep cleaning. I feel that my family is living a healthy life comparatively.


___Jessy Roy___

My windows shine every morning and give refreshing vibes. Highly recommended.



They did an excellent job with the end-of-lease cleaning service, their professional behavior was excellent. Services were up to mark. The best thing that I noticed was they finished their work on time. Appreciable.


Recently I took their cleaning service. Their attitudes towards us were very responsive. Their service is unremarkable. They just bring light to my house. My tiles are shining, and their team gave my rugs a new life. The detergents they use smells great and so refreshing.

___Nancy Rean___

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